Our Solutions

Jarvis Manufacturing provides textile solutions for Military, Commercial, Medical and Emergency Services industries.

Solutions for every requirement

All our solutions are tailored to each client and their needs.

Product Design, Development & Prototype Solutions

Need support in creating or redesigning a textile product? We have a dedicated team that can help you:

Manufacturing in the UK

We know that consistent product performance and quality is vital to our customers, especially as our products are used in demanding environments and critical situations. We are ISO 9001 certified and have a dedicated quality & inspection function to ensure our customers can trust us to deliver consistently.

Offshore sourcing & supply chain management

For high volume products, offshore manufacturing can be more commercially beneficial. We can help you do this the right way with the right manufacturing partners to ensure consistent quality, ethical working conditions and robust commercial terms. We can support you by:

Contract CNC Cutting

Automated cutting services for a wide range of materials. If you have a medium to high volume requirement our contract cutting service can save you time, money and reduce waste. We can help you by:

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