Temperature-Sensitive Packaging System

Temperature-Sensitive Packaging System

Jarvis Manufacturing works with Softbox.

An innovative company providing temperature sensitive medical supplies via drone in volatile conditions.

Jarvis Manufacturing works with Softbox Systems and Paua to help develop, design and manufacture the important textiles that will house the medical payloads using the revolutionary Paua material. This is an innovative lightweight material which is extremely light but very tough. Medicine that needs to be kept at a certain temperature requires a very particular material, one that is also hardwearing and well built to withstand the extreme conditions that the package can be flown in, such as a natural disaster.

Softbox’s thermal temperature-sensitive packaging system Skypod which includes Smartbox IoT technology, is going to make delivering medical supplies in hard to reach areas via drone a lot easier and more reliable. Jarvis is so proud to have been part of such an important project and one that can save a lot of lives. Jarvis Manufacturing is an official Approved Paua OEM.

Trials have been conducted in Puerto Rico with great success. Understand why the material is revolutionary by watching this short video.

We hope you like the project and if you require a textile manufacturer working at the cutting edge of the industry with a background in providing reliable textiles that need to withstand the harshest of conditions, please give our team a call today, we will be happy to help.

Light material suitable for drone transportation

Tough material to withstand harsh conditions

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