Bespoke textile products for military, emergency services, medical, commercial and industrial applications

Jarvis manufacturing develops bespoke textile products, suitable for a wide range of applications and environments to suit customer requirements. From simple straps to highly sophisticated carry-cases, Jarvis manufacturing’s expertise is called upon by military, emergency services, medical, commercial and industrial organisations.

Jarvis is synonymous with innovation, so whatever the type of textile product you require, whether for protection, transportation or presentation, we will respond rapidly to provide a solution. From very low volume and batches manufactured solely in the UK and very high volume (1000′s) using our Far East manufacturing facility, where/when appropriate, Jarvis is committed to delivering an efficient, reliable and competitive service.

We combine a leading-edge awareness of the latest advances in textiles technology, including: water proofing, rot and fungal resistance, flame retardance, UV stability, infrared reflectivity and performance in extreme climate conditions, with over 30 years experience, to create almost any textile product for almost any situation.