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CNC Machine No.2!

Back in 2016 you may remember that we invested in a top of the range textile CNC machine, it was a scary prospect until it arrived and we realised it was the best decision we could have made, in fact it gave rise to a new problem…Samples and prototypes interrupted the production. Exactly the same amount of preparation in setting up the machine is required whether preparing for a large job or a ‘quick’ sample.

Roughly three years since the decision was made to invest in our first CNC machine we have taken delivery of a second machine that can run alongside the current one. This is beyond our wildest dreams, it has reduced hand cutting by 95%, sped up production, increased the potential for more work and at least one machine can run constantly with no interruption.

A further benefit is storing physical pattern templates takes up a lot of space, whereas digital patterns takes up no space in the workshop at all, just harddrive space, plus the designs cannot be cut incorrectly.

Once we have run both machines for a few months we will be decreasing our lead times for both prototypes and production.

If you would like to know more about our textile manufacturing solutions please give a member of our team a call today and we will be happy to help.



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